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Mysterious Age of Gog Magog (Yajooj Majooj)

This is our analysis so no one has to accept it unless you are convinced!

Who are GOG and Magog? (Yajuj and Majuj in Arabic):  Gog and Magog according to the Quran are human beings who are very powerful and commit acts of Oppression. They are so powerful that according to the Islāmic scripture, only Allah Subhanoo Wat'ala can destroy them. Dajjal Anti Christ 666 and Gog and Magog are interlinked because if one reads our Dajjal page, and this page, the reader most likely will understand that dajjal has and is using the Gog and Magog New world order to further his agenda

Thousands of years ago, the barbarous tribes of Gog Magog     (Yajuj Ma’juj) were imprisoned behind an iron wall built by Zul-Qarnain. Referred to in the Qur’an in Surah Al-Kahf, Zul-Qarnain was a pious and just king. He believed in Allah as the one and only god. Allah provided him with all forms of strength through which he was able to carry his conquests. He is a mysterious figure. Zul-Qarnain seems to be just a title which has two meanings in Arabic: (a) the one who has two horns, (b) the one who affects two Ages.  It is unknown who he is or the period in history in which he actually lived and ruled. Many scholars have suggested that he could be Alexander the Great because Alexander the Great is known in Arabic as Alexander Zul-Qarnain. However, many modern Muslim scholars disagree with this conclusion because Alexander the Great was not a monotheistic believer in God.

Once Zul-Qarnain carried out a expeditions in three directions, the far West, far East, and then in a northerly direction. Travelling first in the westerly direction, Zul-Qarnain conquered the lands he passed through establishing the laws of Allah therein until he reached the setting of the sun. There, Zul-Qarnain met people  that didn’t believe in Allah. Given a choice of punishing them for their Kufr (Disbelief) or being lenient by inviting them first to Islam; he chose the latter and addressed them, ”Those evil-doers who do injustice to themselves by rejecting Allah will be punished by death in this World and in the hereafter, the fire of Hell is their abode. As for those who accept the invitation and believe in Allah, they will be treated leniently and in the hereafter Paradise is their place of rest.”

After the expedition towards the West, Zul-Qarnain made preparation for the expedition towards the East. Conquering the lands he passed through, establishing he laws of Allah therein. Zul-Qarnain continued travelling in an easterly direction until he reached the rising of the sun. In this area of the East, he saw a nation receiving the sunshine without any obstruction. He dealt with them in the same manner he dealt with the people in the West.

After the expedition to the East, Zul-Qarnain started his northern expedition. He kept on travelling until he reached the midst of two mountains, it was here that Zul-Qarnain came across a tribe who complained to him about the tribes of Ya’juj and Ma’juj. Ya’juj and Ma’juj inhabited the land behind the mountains, plundered them, committed bloodshed, and then ran away. Observing Zul-Qarnain’s power, they asked to set a barrier in return for a tribute for their protection from the atrocities and bloodshed, which they often bore at the hands of Ya’juj Ma’juj. Refusing to accept any tribute, he built an iron wall (or barrier) with their help which Ya’juj Ma’juj could not cross or pierce. (Qurtubi, Ibn-Kathir) 
Abu Huraira [radhiyallahu 'anhu] said that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

“Ya’juj and Ma’juj dig into the barrier every day, until when they almost see the light of the sun, the one in charge of them says: “Go back home and dig again tomorrow.” So they go home, and it returns to being as thick as it was before.
Then when their time has come, and Allah ['azza wa-jall] wishes to send them upon the people, they will dig until when they almost see the light of the sun, the one in charge of them will make an exception by saying: “Go back home and dig again tomorrow, if Allah wills.” Then they will come back to it and find it as they had left it. So they will dig through it, and come out upon the people. They will drink all the water, and the people will go for protection to their fortresses. (Musnad Ahmed)

Allah promised that one day he will destroy the barrier and will release gog and magog into the world. As a result, they will spread out in all directions and take control of the world and will cause oppression in the world. Some scholars believe gog and magog were released by god a long time ago and an overwhelming majority believe that the barrier is still there  and gog and magog have not been released in the world. We will use evidence from religious scriptures to try to figure out if they were released or not.
“They said: “O Dhul-Qarnain! Gog and Magog (people) do great mischief on earth: may we render tribute to you in order that you might erect a barrier between us and them?       (Quran, al-Kahf, 18:94)
“The part of knowledge should never be studied apart from, or in isolation of, the “whole” to which it belongs. Secondly the proper gathering of knowledge about a subject of study requires that it should also be organized as a whole. But such is not possible unless one locates the unitary principle that binds the parts together. That is unitary principle “system of meaning”. It is that system of meaning that must be discovered when we attempt to study the subject of Gog and Magog. Unless this method of study is adopted then the subject of Gog and Magog is such that even the greatest scholars can be mislead”(Hosein 118).
The very first Quranic reference to gog and magog thus declares them to be essentially agents of oppression and corruption. Prophet Muhammad PBUH explained that Gog was a community of human beings who had descended from the first man, Adam. similar was the case with magog. The hadith complements the quran to warn that god almighty endowed these human communities composed of “Fasad”(oppression, corruption and wickedness) with such power that they are, by worldly standards, invincible:
“God will reveal to Jesus PBUH these words: I have brought forth among my servants such people against whom none will be able to fight” (SAHIH MUSLIM). This has been taken from a very lengthy hadith. It should be read because prophet muhammad PBUH is talking about a time when God will send Gog and Magog against Jesus(PBUH) and how God will tell Jesus (PBUH)to seek refuge with his followers.
Prophet Muhammad PBUH  mentioned Gog and Magog’s release as one of the 10 major signs of the end times. In other words, when the barrier was brought down and Gog and Magog were released, that would be one of the major signs that man kind had entered into the Last Age. How do we know gog and magog have been released?
Zainab bint Jahsh reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) got up from sleep saying: There is no god but Allah; there is a destruction in store for Arabia because of turmoil which is at hand, the barrier of Gog and Magog has opened so much. And Sufyan made a sign of ten with the help of his hand (in order to indicate the width of the gap) and I said: Allah’s Messenger, would we be perished in spite of the fact that there would be good people amongst us? Thereupon he said: Of course, but only when the evil predominates.  Hadith found in ‘The Book Pertaining to the Turmoil and Portents of the Last Hour (Kitab Al-Fitan wa Ashrat As-Sa`ah)‘ of Sahih Muslim.
“The Qur’an went on to provide believers with a momentous sign by which they would not only have concrete evidence of the release of Gog and Magog but, more than that, they would have the evidence that the world was now in the control of Gog and Magog. They would thus be able to identify Gog and Magog as the ruling power in the world”(Hosein 123).
“But there is a ban on a city which we have destroyed: that they(the residents) shall not return-until Gog and Magog are let through(their barrier) and they swiftly swarm down from every height (or spread out in every direction).” (Quran, al-Anbiyah, 21:95-6)
Gog and Magog responsible for the return of the Jews to the Holy Land:
There are at least three verses of the Qur’an that point distinctly in the direction of  divine punishment for the Jews when they are brought back to the Holy Land. Here are  two of these three verses:
“But there is a ban on a city which We destroyed: that they (i.e, the people of the city)shall not return (to that city), unless and until Gog and Magog were released, and they swiftly descend from every height (or spread out in every direction).”
(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21-95-6)

While the identity of the ‘city’ has not been explicitly stated, it is quite clear that it  cannot be other than Jerusalem. There is an indirect Qur’anic identification of the city  as follows: The Rabbis in Madina responded to the appeal of the Quraish for a means whereby they could determine whether Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) was  indeed a Prophet. Their response was to pose three questions. If he could answer them all correctly then he would be a true Prophet. Allah Most High responded by revealing the answers to all three questions in Qur’anic revelation.
The answers to the first two  questions, i.e., the young men who fled into the cave and the ‘great traveller’ who  traveled to the two ends of the earth, were placed in Surah al-Kahf. (see al-Kahf, 18:9-26; 83-98) But the answer to the third question concerning the ruh was placed in Surah Banu Israil, 17:85. The implication of this strange arrangement was a principle  of interpretation that linked together the two Surahs of the Qur’an as a pair. Dr. Israr Ahmad, the eminent scholar of the Qur’an, has presented an abundance of evidence  that confirm the pairing of the two Surahs. And so, in order to locate the identity of the young men in the cave as well as the  identity of Dhul Qarnain, Y’ajuj and M’ajuj and the Qaryah (city), we need to turn to  Surah Banu Israil for assistance. When we do so we find that the Surah deals with
only one Qaryah (city), Jerusalem.

The Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), on the other hand, directly establish the identity of the city. Not only is Jerusalem mentioned by name in  the Ahadith concerning Y’ajuj and M’ajuj but also no other such city, destroyed by Allah Most High, is mentioned. The following Hadith that describes and narrates the event of the return of Jesus (‘alaihi al-Salam) would suffice to establish the link between Y’ajuj and M’ajuj and the Holy Land, as well as Jerusalem, and hence identify the qaryah (city) as none other than Jerusalem:
“Narrated al-Nawwas ibn Sam’an: ….It will be under such conditions that Allah will reveal to Jesus (‘alaihi al-Salam) these words: I have brought forth from among My servants such people against whom none will be able to fight; you take these people safely to Tur, and then Allah will send Gog and Magog and they will swarm down from every slope. The first of them will pass the lake of Tiberius (i.e., the Sea of Galilee) and drink out of it. And when the last of
them passes, he will say: There was once water there. Jesus and his companions will then be besieged here at Tur, (and they will be so hard pressed) that the head of the ox will be dearer to them than one hundred dinars …. ”
(Sahih Muslim)

The Sea of Galilee is in the Holy Land. Secondly, the Tur (mountain) mentioned in the Hadith is a mountain in Jerusalem. This is mentioned in another version of the same Hadith on the authority of the same chain of transmitters:
“Gog and Magog would walk until they reach the mountain of al-Khamr, and it is a mountain of Bait al-Maqdis (i.e., Jerusalem) and they would say: We have killed those who are on the earth. Let us now kill those who are in the sky. They would shoot their arrows towards the sky and the arrows would return to them smeared with blood.”
(Sahih Muslim)
We are now in a position to recognize the return of the Jews to Jerusalem in the ‘End  Time’ as a Sign, revealed in the Qur’an, which not only confirms the release of Gog and Magog, i.e., Y’ajuj and M’ajuj but also reveals that they now control the world with a power which is indestructible. Now Y’ajuj and M’ajuj are agents of universal fasad. (see Qur’an, al-Kahf, 18:94). Fasad means “corruption, decay, wickedness, viciousness, immorality, perverseness, etc.” When Y’ajuj and M’ajuj embrace a people they lead that people into the hell-fire. The Hadith reveals that globalization, in the age of Y’ajuj and M’ajuj, will culminate with 999 out every 1000 entering the hell-fire:

“Narrated Abu Said Al Khudri: The Prophet said: On the day of Resurrection Allah will say: O Adam! Adam will reply: Labbaik our Lord, and Sa’daik. Then there will be a loud call (saying): Allah orders you to take from among your offspring a mission for the (Hell) Fire. Adam will say: O Lord! How many are they for the (Hell) Fire? Allah will say: Out of each 100 thousand, take out 999. At that time every pregnant female shall drop her load (have a miscarriage) and a child will have gray hair. “And you shall see mankind as in a drunken state, yet not drunk, but severe will be the torment of Allah”. (Qur’an, al-Hajj, 22:2) (When the Prophet mentioned this), the people were so distressed (and afraid) that their faces changed (in color) whereupon the Prophet said: From Y’ajuj and M’ajuj nine hundred and ninety-nine will be taken out, and one from you. You Muslims (compared to the large number of other people) will be like a black hair on the side of a white ox, or a white hair on the side of a black ox, and I hope that you will be one-fourth of the people of Paradise. On that, we said: Allahu-Akbar!
Then he said: I hope that you will be one-third of the people of Paradise. We again said: Allahu-Akbar! Then he said: (I hope that you will be) one-half of the people of Paradise. So we said: Allahu-Akbar.” (Sahih Bukhari)

The Jewish return to Jerusalem, and the restoration of the State of Israel, was made possible through Gog and Magog (Y’ajuj and M’ajuj), and by the False Messiah (alMasih al-Dajjal). It thus constitutes the greatest possible danger to which Jews have  ever been exposed in all their history. In fact their fate is now sealed. But they are not even aware of it. Only by embracing the Qur’an as the divinely revealed word of the God of Abraham, and the teachings of Muhammad the Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), the Last Prophet, would it have been possible for the Jewish people to realize the reality that now confronts them. The references to the Qur’an and Ahadith in this book should assist them in understanding that reality

This means that when Gog and Magog were released, the people of that town that were banished from that town or city would now be brought back to that town or city. If one studies, the town has to be Jerusalem! The jews were expelled from Jerusalem 2,000 years ago and now they are back

So, we also can link Dajjal to this as well.  Prophet Muhammad PBUH also said that they would drink up the water of the sea of Galilee (Sahih Muslim). That is the sea located in Israel and is 50 miles north of Jerusalem! The sea of Galilee is disappearing fast according to statistics. From the evidence of the Quran and the hadith so far we can come to the conclusion that Gog and Magog have been released a long time ago. (Keep reading and you will find out our view of who Gog and Magog are and who is drinking the sea of Galilee. Remember, Gog and Magog are human beings.
Here is a video of Sheikh Imran hosein talking about Jerusalem and Gog and Magog

The Quran describes that the barrier by dhul-qarnain was built between two seas and it was built with iron. The Quran also says that dhul qarnain came across a people whose language he could not understand (Discussed in Surah Kahf and Surah Anbiyah). Imran Hosein believes the barrier was located in the Caucasus Mountains

Here are a couple of parts from the Revival documentary about the Iron Barrier of Gog and Magog

Gog and Magog

The world of Gog and Magog

There are many more reasons to believe that the barrier was there in the Caucasus mountains and Imran Hosein points those reasons out in his lectures and books. Imran Hosein describes Gog and Magog to be Europeans. Of course not all Europeans.  He has described in his book “Jerusalem in the Quran” and the his book “Gog and Magog in the modern world”, that we have to look for a people who are obsessed in liberating the holy land

He has said that the crusades waged by European Christians could be an evidence of Gog and Magog. But, we also have to look at something else, and this the Khazar empire. After defeating the byzantine and Persian armies, the Muslim army fought the Khazars who were located in the Caucasus area. They had a whole empire. The Muslim army was mysteriously blocked by the Khazars. Could they have been Gog and Magog and thus possessed awesome power? We leave that for the reader to decide

Gog and Magog have changed form since there release. They were once Khazars, then soon were European Christians who waged crusades against Muslims to liberate the holy land and now they politicians and kings and queens in the world today. The reason why Sheikh  Imran Hosein believes the crusaders of being Gog and Magog is because the byzantine christians were not involved in that crusade. Black christian africa was never involved in any of the crusades either. If we put the pieces of the puzzle together, we notice that over time the mission of Gog and Magog was to liberate the holy land and bring the Jews back to the holy land. And they have done that!

Gog is Europe, America, Israel and Magog is Russia:
The analysis shows that when Gog and Magog were released they spread out everywhere. The Caucasus mountains are below Russia and Europe. It makes sense that when they were released they spread out upwards into Russia and Europe. Then they took control and literally secularized all of Europe and then spread all over into the different countries and assumed political and economic power. Then they also spread out into the U.S. as well and elsewhere. We also have to note that prophet Muhammad PBUH pointed out that they would oppress the Arabs the most. Again the hadith:

Zainab bint Jahsh reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) got up from sleep saying: There is no god but Allah; there is a destruction in store for Arabia because of turmoil which is at hand, the barrier of Gog and Magog has opened so much. And Sufyan made a sign of ten with the help of his hand (in order to indicate the width of the gap) and I said: Allah’s Messenger, would we be perished in spite of the fact that there would be good people amongst us? Thereupon he said: Of course, but only when the evil predominates.  Hadith found in ‘The Book Pertaining to the Turmoil and Portents of the Last Hour (Kitab Al-Fitan wa Ashrat As-Sa`ah)‘ of Sahih Muslim

The United States and Nato (European Military Alliance) invaded Iraq and have destroyed the country. They have also killed many people in the process. Israel has killed many Palestinian Arabs since it’s existence and Russia has killed many Muslims in Chechnya and other territories it occupied during the Soviet era. Nato has also killed many Libyan Arabs and have also destroyed that Arab country

General Allenby of Britain said “the crusades have now ended” when he entered Jerusalem during World War One after defeating the Ottoman Islāmic Empire. Meaning that the same forces that waged the Crusades several hundred years back were the same forces that liberated Jerusalem from Muslim control and were still waging a struggle to one day liberate Jerusalem and they did just that. It is safe to say that Gog and Magog once acted as so-called Christians who were waging a Crusade to liberate Jerusalem and then over time they spread out and assumed power in different areas such as military generals and soldiers, kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers

They also earlier oppressed Africans by kid napping them and making them slaves. Taking them back to Europe and America. Today they have enslaved the Arabs. We should take note that majority of the Jews living in Israel today are European Jews!
These European Jews converted to Judaism long ago. True Jews came from Prophet Abraham and the Jews that are in control of Israel are not Abrahamic Jews! Another fact to be noted is that majority of  the Jews in Israel are Khazar and Ashkenazi Jews. A DNA study was done on them and the scientists noticed that their DNA was different from the rest of civilization! They are unique human beings that are different then everyone else! Could they be Gog and Magog?  You will notice that black jews are discriminated against and so are other jews such as arab jews

These are the people who are drinking up the sea of Galilee! Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that they would drink up the sea of Galilee. Today the sea of Galilee is drying up so who is drinking it then? Gog and Magog! Majority of Jews living in Israel are European Jews and Russian Jews. They migrated to Israel shortly after the Balfour declaration of 1917 which declared the interest of the secular british government to establish a so-called national homeland for the jews

Gog and Magog also became Christians and acted and still today act as Christians. They have united with the European Jews to oppress Arabs and Muslims in particular. They have taken control of the whole world have spread corruption, oppression and nakedness. Gog and Magog are oppressive greedy human beings that steal other people’s resources such as oil. They have spread out everywhere and over time have assumed different forms such as Khazars, Christian Crusaders, and today you see them as presidents and prime ministers of nations. They are also soldiers and military generals, Kings and Queens who occupy and oppress others. They have spread godlessness across the planet  and secularism. Europe was very religious and devout

All of a sudden there was a mysterious secular revolution in Europe a few hundred years back. This secular revolution took over Europe and then these people (Gog and Magog) who took control, spread secularism and godlessness across the world by making everyone follow their way of life. They are people who when ever they want, they reinvent themselves and change forms. They make people want to follow their way of life which is actually the destructive way of life. The whole world has been secularized and being religious is a very strange thing now in today’s world. The religious way of life has disappeared and you can only find that way life in remote areas such as villages and small towns. You won’t find that way of life in big cities that have been created by Gog and Magog in the big countries around the world

One day god has promised to destroy Gog and Magog after the return of Jesus(PBUH). Sheikh Imran Hosein suggests that we should expect  a nuclear war to happen soon in the next twenty-five to thirty years. The number of nuclear weapons Russia,Europe, and America have piled up are an evidence of that war. There will be a huge confrontation and Gog and Magog will eventually destroy each other

Prophet Muhammad PBUHsaid: “allah(god) will tell Jesus(PBUH) to take his followers to Mount tur ( A mountain in Jerusalem) and allah(god) will “send”(NOTIC THE HADITH DOES NOT SAY RELEASE BUT “SEND”)Gog and Magog. They will say now we have destroyed the people on earth let us now destroy the people in the heavens. They will shoot their arrows up in the sky and they will come back down smeared with blood.” (This is part of  lengthy hadith and should be read fully)

There is another hadith where prophet Muhammad PBUH points out that Gog and Magog will have “arrows.”
Gog and Magog would walk until they would reach the mountain
of al-Khamar and it is a mountain of Bait-ul-Maqdis and they would say: We have killed those who are upon the Earth. Let us now kill those who are in the sky and they would throw their arrows towards the sky and the arrows would return to them besmeared with blood . . .” (Sahīh Muslim)

Sheikh Imran hosein says in his book Gog and Magog in the modern world (available for free on his website
“Not only do they possess formidable military power but, in addition, it is clear from the use of the word ‘arrows’ in the Hadīth quoted below that they will be capable of waging what is now known as ‘star wars’. After all did the blessed Prophet (sallalahu‘alaihi wa sallam) not say: “It is incumbent on those who are present to convey this message (of mine) to those who are absent. May be that some of those to whom it will be conveyed will understand it better than those who have actually heard it.” (Sahīh Bukhāri)

He also says in his book:
“But the verse may also mean that they (Gog and Magog) will one day clash with each other in a mighty clash in which they would surge against each other as waves crashing into each other. That war of the Titans would qualify as the war of all wars and, in turn, would make way for and herald the blowing of the trumpet that announces the imminent arrival of the Last Hour. A Hadīth of the blessed Prophet quoted elsewhere in this book (see profile of Gog and Magog) has described them shooting their arrows in the sky.”
“We have interpreted ‘arrows’ to imply that Gog and Magog possess ‘star wars’ military technology. Both Russia and the Anglo-American-Israeli alliance are capable of waging star wars.”
He also says in his book:

“There is emerging evidence confirming Khazar origins of modern Russia. Gog, on the other hand, would have to be located in Christians of Western Europe who dramatically reconciled with Khazar Jews to create the Western alliance which Britain and USA dominate. If our identification is correct, then the coming ‘star wars’ clash between Gog and Magog would be a clash between Russia and the Western Anglo-American-Israeli alliance. Such a gigantic Gog and Magog nuclear war that would result in (40 days?) of smoke (see Qur’ān, al-Dukhān, 44:10-11) and would significantly reduce the world’s population and render large parts of the Earth barren is not far-fetched. Sūrah al-Kahf (verse eight) delivered precisely such a warning when it declared “ . verily (in time) We shall reduce what is on it (i.e. the Earth) to barren dust.” Also consider the following Hadīth:

“There will be a battle the like of which has never been seen, so that even if a bird were to pass their ranks, it would fall down dead before it reached the end of them” (Ahmad, Muslim)

Sheikh Imran Hosein suggests that these arrows symbolically mean missiles and nuclear war heads. It would be silly to think they are actually arrows in today’s age. Imran hosein suggests that Gog and Magog will destroy each other completely after a huge nuclear war and then that will leave Israel defenseless  Because the people who were defending Israel and protecting it (USA,EUROPE AND RUSSIA) have now literally destroyed each other. This is when a Muslim army will liberate the holy land and restore justice.

The nuclear war will obviously cause lots of smoke. Dukhan(Smoke) is a sign of the end of the world in Islam, it is a very major sign. There is a chapter called Dukhan in the quran. This dukhan if one thinks and ponders, will be caused by the great nuclear war that is coming up

The people who have taken control of the world and have caused corruption and who have destroyed nations and killed indigenous people and who have robbed their resources will soon destroy each other with the very weapons they have built to oppress others. Truth and Justice will be restored in the world

I have tried my best to explain this subject in an easy and summarized way. I suggest for an even more detailed analysis, I would recommend visiting and reading his book entitled Gog and Magog in the modern age. It is available for free on his website

Here is the first part to a long lecture he has given about Gog and Magog. Their are a total of 14 short parts which should be watched!

Here is a more recent lecture he gave about Gog and Magog.